Project Description

Real Kitchens

Handleless Matt Black and Dust Grey

Sophie & Dan visited us wanting inspiration. Their space was a great footprint but with glass brick walls dividing the space divided their kitchen dinner and made the space clumsy. Each of them had them had their own set of priorities. Dan, a big tech enthusiast wanted all of the gadgets and big statement. Sophie needed to be sure the kitchen would be practical as she cooks from scratch daily. The space also had to be hard wearing and low maintenance with a hectic work / family schedule.

A full project on this scale, managed by us is £75,000 +

Handleless Matt Black and Dust Grey

Budget: £45,000+

Includes: Kitchen, worktop, utility, flooring, lighting, building work, windows, installation & decorating.

Designer’s Tips

To achieve an open space with single workspace that remains uncluttered it is important to invest in technology. The ability to remove kettles, microwaves, slow cookers etc from the surfaces without losing the functions will help keep your new space low maintenance and functional.