Project Description

Real Kitchens

Gloss light grey handleless kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  This is no different here in John & Julie’s open plan home where the kitchen is always on view.  As keen cooks with a passion of making as much as possible from scratch maximising this modest space required a designer that would be able to think differently.  They desperately needed to create additional workspace that would be usable.  They had spent years constantly working on top of each other with lots of clutter as the space had been under utilised with no thought to maximising the storage.

With a few tweaks to this room such as blocking in an unused door and relocating the radiator we have been able to create a consistent flow of work space.  Each section with a storage zone that related to the tasks you would naturally carry out in that space. In this new space they each have a workspace, allowing them to work together and create beautiful meals at the same time.

Gloss light grey handleless kitchen

Budget: £25,000

Includes: Kitchen, worktop, floor, appliances, lighting, removal, electrics, plumbing, plastering, tiling, and installation.

Designer’s Tips

With a few minor changes to the basic shell of a room you can create a beautiful space with an excellent workflow from a seemingly disjointed space with no way of improving.