Project Description

Real Kitchens

Handleless Dust Grey and Traffic Yellow

Khadija & Moiz had their heart set on an extension; but with build complications, this option soon spiralled out of reasonable reach.

Having created the kitchen of their dreams with extension plans, they came back to us to see if there was anything we could do with their existing space. It was important to them to get a functional, yet sociable space that would be a pleasure to use and eliminate the need to go backwards and forwards to their detached garage, which housed their overspill of kitchen storage.

They were very concerned about suitable storage of products, as they cook with lots of fresh ingredients and spices.  So the effectiveness of the extraction was key, along with being able to move away from more traditional styles of cooking. They wanted to move towards the convenience of modern appliances whilst satisfying the traditionalist ‘taste buds’ of their extended family, for which they regularly host.

It was important to create a kitchen that would be unique to them and show their own style and personalities.  When they visited us and saw a selection of our custom doors they instantly knew that this would be achieved with our daring, yet popular, Traffic Yellow!

Their existing space was clumsy, which you could see instantly.  There was no space for anything – yet everywhere was cluttered. There was a seating area in the walkway, boxed in ceiling areas for no apparent reason, and a lack of light.  With some careful planning and minor structural alterations to this space we were able to totally transform this space and create something that truly worked for this family.

Handleless Dust Grey and Traffic Yellow

Budget: £35,000

Includes: Kitchen, worktop, floor, lighting, removal, electrics, plumbing, relocation of back door, installation and decorating.

Designer’s Tips

By moving the back door in this space we have been able to truly transform this space.  This space has a clear workflow with heaps of storage.  This small structural change also allowed us to add a usable social space. Being open to ideas and suggestions can create the best outcomes.