Project Description

Real Kitchens

Smooth painted shaker in Cashmere

Roni and Frances wanted to create a real wow in their new kitchen.  As keen cooks with fresh local and homegrown produce they naturally spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They wanted to improve the look, usability and make it a more social space.   On top of this they wanted to allow more light to flow through and reduce the need to always have lights on. They wanted to understand the options available to them by taking the wall between their kitchen and dining room out.

Smooth painted shaker in Cashmere

Budget: £45,00 and above

Includes: Kitchen, worktop, floor, appliances, utility with building works removal, electrics, plumbing, plastering, tiling, decorating and installation.

Designer’s Tips

Although it may seem counter productive stay open to relocating or blocking in one or two windows or doorways when planning your new kitchen.  This space had a lot to fit in but with plenty of doors and windows.  By relocating the door to the utility and blocking in one window it has achieved the wow factor, easy to use space Roni & Frances were dreaming of.  Also by choosing a light base colour to worktops and flooring really helps bounce light around and make the space feel much more open.