Basic kitchen, worktops, appliances Supply Only cost: £11,000

Project additions: Unknown. Project is apart of new build project

Project total: £11,000

As a large family with food at the heart of it Mario & Libera wanted a space where they could spread out, clear away the clutter and have extra cooking facilities. There new build project allowed them to do this. On a day to day basis this space is a utility and laundry room. Housing all of the items we often have difficulties finding a home for with ample space for clothes driers and a walkway. When it comes to entertaining this space provides extra workspace, a cooler area for dough than the main kitchen, extra hob space and an area to leave the dirty dishes until your guests leave or head to bed.

Utilities, second kitchens, spice kitchens and laundry rooms are all becoming a must have for forever homes. Helping keep the main living spaces organised and clutter free.