Project Description

Real Kitchens

Super Skinny Highland Green Shaker

Su & Matt began their project just before the pandemic. They had a serious need to create a more functional kitchen. Their small space with separate dining room just was not family friendly.

When they visited us they had a clear view on what they had hoped to achieve but had not figured out how to do this, despite having had a number of designs already completed. We spent time discussing their lifestyle and the ways in which they wanted to improve it via zoom and created this beautiful concept that reflects their personalities beautifully.

This space has excellent storage, lots of tech and plenty of space to move around without being under each others feet. I think we would all agree that is SO important. This unique space brings the outside in with the wonderful earthy tones used.

Super Skinny Highland Green Shaker

Budget: £30,000

Includes: Kitchen, worktop, utility and installation.

Designer’s Tips

Not every inch of wall needs to be used in order to get the best storage and workspace. The three separate areas in this kitchen is not only functional but beautiful too.