It’s great to be back in the showroom!

Albeit a little strange, a little changed and a little nerve racking.  Our little space is so narrow and cozy that social distancing has been a challenge, but we are getting there.

We’ve implemented a more flexible approach. Paula and I will be working from home quite a bit.  So far this is working reasonably well.  Matt, on the whole, is covering the showroom and Dale will be back carefully dismantling your kitchens, collecting rubbish, making deliveries, taking progress pics and being very careful to social distance! A little normality and structure for all.





We’ve had the opportunity to carry out a few meetings in the showroom now and starting to get a feel for how we need to adjust our approach and make sure all are safe.  We are still minimising face-to-face appointments and home visits but we are very pleased to say that our service has not dropped. And that’s from our clients, not just our humble opinion.

How our initial free design service has been amended

Stage one

This now starts with an email or phone enquiry rather than a visit to the showroom. We will have a little chat and ask for you to send through your dimensions or architectural plans.  We will then send you a link to begin thinking about the new space and help us get an idea of your lifestyles and desires.  This will be followed up with a short Zoom meeting. This will help me to either confirm my understanding or dig a little deeper.  This is important.  The one time I did not do this, it was the one time I had not understood.  Embarrassing!

Stage two

Will be an online design presentation. As ever I will show you the images and talk you through the concept and theory.  We can make changes, discuss options and make sure that we have as many boxes ticked as possible.  This is also a really good time to talk about any boxes that haven’t been ticked, why, and if I have made the right calls on your priorities where there are compromises to be made.  I am good but not magician.  I will also aim to have a ballpark costing that we can discuss. Working through the separate areas and what may need to be done to meet your budget.

Stage 3

On some occasions this has been another video call to discuss modifications to design, products or modifications for budgets. In most cases though, this has been an appointment in the showroom to look at product quality, finish and storage solutions.  Visiting the showroom also gives you a chance to actually meet us.  As mentioned above it is a tight space so the appointment needs to be booked in advance. We need to be sure that we don’t have too many people there at once.  Also, we can have a thorough clean, open any relevant storage units or appliances, have your design ready on the screen and have your colour palette out for you to view.  Before you visit we have a little checklist to go through. This confirms if masks are needed on hand, directing you as to what to expect on your arrival, making sure you know where hand sanitiser is and most importantly double checking that there has been no contact with anyone with symptoms that you are aware of.  With all this out of the way it is then time to get really excited!

Confirming your project

At this point most of our clients are happy that we can provide exactly what they are after and that we are the right people to work with, so happy to leave their deposit.  We can do this by contactless apple pay in the showroom, over the phone or our preferred option, bank transfer.  If you are in a situation that you can’t quite put down your deposit down you can do one of two things:  move forward with our extended design service at £480. This is refundable against an order.  Or leave a smaller holding deposit to continue the design process and secure any existing offers.  The balance of the deposit will need to be paid before issuing plans or carrying out survey.

We love transforming peoples kitchens and home. Each project is unique and we treasure each.  We would love to be a part of yours o give us a call, or drop us a message and will help you with begin your Lima journey.