A time to reflect and a time for change

As we proceed through lockdown two, I felt this was a good opportunity to take a moment to reflect on the year so far. First of all I would like to introduce myself. For those of you I’ve not had the opportunity to speak with, and for those of you I’m sure I will meet, I am Liam. I am one of the newest members of the team here at Lima Kitchens

Walking in to 2020

I’m sure if someone had asked you at the start of 2020 how you saw your year and what you imagined you’d be doing, planning to face a global pandemic wouldn’t even have been on your list. Let alone actually going through one. That’s certainly the case for me.

As an experienced designer, with some of the big national companies, I expected to be busy designing throughout the year.  Safe and secure with a stable company.  However, the year didn’t start as expected. Like many, by April I found myself furloughed and attempting to home school three children (not an easy task). Uncertainty raised through furlough and I found myself facing redundancy. So, with increased competition I began the search to find something new.

Along came Lima Kitchens

I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to do. Having spent so long working in the kitchen industry it was something I felt comfortable with. But with so much uncertainty about the future I just wasn’t sure it was the right way to continue. I started looking for anything! Until one day, through the power of social media, I saw a post from someone called Elizabeth at Lima Kitchens. I watched her video advertising for a new kitchen designer but left it there. However, it played on my mind and I eventually applied. I’m sure you can fill in the blanks from there.

How is Lima different

Being an independent showroom, Lima Kitchens is like nothing I’d see before. It’s an intimate space, which feels warm and inviting, almost homely. The cupboards are full of things, which gives you the feeling of a real kitchen. The appliances work, which is brilliant to truly understand and demonstrate them. (It’s also good for melting chocolate and heating pastries on a Saturday afternoon…). The team work extremely closely together. We aim to work through every step of the journey with you and each other. Your investment into your new kitchen is considered, discussed and planned to your lifestyle and requirements with care. Even during this current lockdown, when we are all taking increased time to work from home we are close knit. This is a world away from where I came from.

Lima Kitchens specialises in making your kitchen space functional and practical, with a key emphasis on storage and flow. You can have a beautiful kitchen with a large selection of door colours, styles and worktops to really personalise your kitchen and create a space that functions the way you need it to.

The Challenge

With my years of experience I thought I’d just be able to walk in and get started. How wrong was I.

Elizabeth had already told me that she was going to challenge my way of thinking, challenge my way of planning and challenge the way I view space. She wasn’t wrong… This has given me an amazing opportunity to grow and has really provided me something to focus on as we continue our way through this unusual year.

In conclusion

Through all this uncertainty the one thing I am certain of is that I made the right choice. By joining Lima’s team I have worked with a wider variety of clients than before. I’ve truly enjoyed working with the clients I have already had the pleasure to work with.

I look forward to continuing growing and meeting with those of you not yet undertaking your Liam at Lima Journey.