Thank you for choosing Lima Kitchens for your project.

During this time we need to be extra vigilant and would like to communicate clearly our requirements for carrying out your project during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have been working to adjust the way we schedule projects in the aim of eliminating, or at very least minimising multiple trades in your home on the same days. As a result this may increase the time taken to complete your project. All of our trades people are instructed to carry out work as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining high levels of attention to detail. They will be carrying out extra cleaning routines and using hand sanitiser, face mask, boundary fencing where ever required.

Should you have any questions or specific requirements around this please speak with us in advance.

We will need to have access to the area where we are working, and preferably through our own, separate entrance if one is available. If this is not possible we ask that you remain separate in the rest of the house when we are coming, going or moving products. We ask that whilst we are in your home you refrain from entering the space that we are working in, even with 2m distancing. If absolutely necessary, we may need to ask questions or show you certain sections of the installation. In this circumstances please maintain the minimum 2m distance and feel free to wear a mask and request that the member(s) of our team do too.

Should you enter the space when our team leaves, we request that you thoroughly clean down any areas that you have been in contact with.

We must highlight that if a member of our team, their household or your household develops symptoms we will not be able to continue until the isolation period is over or a negative test result is produced.  In cases where self-isolation is required we will carry out a risk assessment and seek health & safety and legal advice. We will assess on a project-by-project basis as each set of circumstances are unique and guidance is continually changing and updated. This may cause delay to your project, likewise delays may be incurred due to prior projects being effected in this way, but it is imperative that these procedures are strictly adhered to for the health and well being of our team, you and your family plus other clients, some of whom maybe in a high risk group. We also request notification should a family member develop symptoms up to 14 days after completing work in your home.

It is imperative that if you or a family member develop symptoms, no matter how mild, that Lima Kitchens project coordinator is made aware IMMEDIATELY. We will need to stop working in your property to protect the rest of the team, their families and other clients.

Many of our factories are now open again but working on reduced staff. Therefore lead times are longer and may result in a delay of some items. We will manage this and aim to keep completion on track but no guarantees can be made, especially in the current climate.

This guidance may change with very little warning inline with government guidelines. We understand that it is a difficult time but we will do all that we can to make your kitchen project run as smoothly as possible.

We thank you for your patience and understanding in this unprecedented time and we look forward to transforming your home.

All the Best,

The Lima Kitchens’ Team