Each project is unique and comes with its own challenges for designers and clients. However, there are some common driving factors between all of them.  We have listed the top 5 below.


5 – Versatility 

A new comer to the top 5 but has always been in the background.  With recent events and changes to everyone’s lifestyles, versatility has become increasingly important.  With more time spent in the home, along with others, our spaces have had to provide so much more. This is why we have become even more innovative with new ideas. Some of these are charging drawers for handheld devices, home-schooling spaces, boot & laundry rooms and even home offices in unused areas… including under staircases! Not forgetting the importance of a clutter free, yet interesting backdrop for all those zoom meetings!




4 – Low maintenance 

No-one wants to spend more time than absolutely necessary cleaning and maintaining their new kitchen. This is why we take the time to get to know you and understand your tastes to help find the most appropriate finishes and products for your home and family.  By investing in the right products and finishes for your routines you could reduce time spent polishing, getting in to nooks-and-crannies and generally needing to move 101 things in the process.



3 – Social space 

Who likes being separated from their family or friends? Especially when carrying out necessary tasks such as preparing meals.  On top of this more and more people are moving away from convenience foods and aiming to prepare healthier, fresher meals. Therefore spending even more time in the kitchen.  Being able to do this with others, or at least catching up on each others day is so important. We understand that great big islands or breakfast bars are not always possible, but we do aim to create a designated area for people to join you, without having to constantly move each other out of the way.




2 – Storage

Only just missing out on the top spot is storage.  Nearly everyone needs more, or at least feels as if they need a higher quantity of units.  Initially when you move into your home you often think there is so much space. However, over the years you simply outgrow it and end up cramming extra items on top of units, in the garage or under the stairs.  Also, in so many older, or typical builder kitchens you are losing out on maximising the capacity with disorganisation, half depth shelves in the base units and inaccessible corners. By consulting and contracting a space planning specialist, such as ourselves, we can help guide you into making the best investments for effective and ergonomic storage. Maximising the capacity and accessibility to all of those forgotten gadgets, or 15 cans of tuna you’d swear you had run out of! Not to mention the creation of an organised space with everything to hand.



1 – Workspace  

Taking the number one spot is workspace. There are soooo many reasons for this. The most common are down to a lack of organisation; with clutter and unnecessary items on the side such as kettles, microwaves, knife blocks or even paperwork.  Many of these items can now be integrated into the furniture or other appliances. Decrease clutter, helping again with problem number 4 👆🏻.  On top of this is the only usable workspace being in a single space, meaning everyone wants to be in exactly the same spot at any one time. Constantly fighting over who has priority, juggling the all-important cuppa with making dinner and trying to knock up a little sweet treat! This is also usually done whilst you are crammed into a corner, sandwiched between the hob and the sink. Not very social or conducive to enjoying spending time together.  To overcome this we take the time to understand you and your families lifestyles to enable us to advise accordingly on which products and technologies are best for you to invest in along with creating a workflow that creates effective zoning in a simple and logical workflow.


Does this sound like you?  Would your renovation benefit from the Lima touch?  Then get in touch and begin your Lima journey.