Well I’ve been working from home for two weeks now and it’s been lovely keeping in touch with current customers. I can only apologise for those phone calls that were interrupted by my two border collies barking in the background.I’m sure like many others working from home during this pandemic, we’ve all had different things to get used too.

As you may have seen on Matt’s recent Blog, we’re still working and have been installing a kitchen over the past two weeks.  So my time has been spent making sure this and forthcoming jobs are on schedule.

It’s also given me some time to try something new……

Elizabeth has been teaching me few things about our computer design package. She’s even let me try out a couple of options of my own.

This has been a challenge, as she can’t be sitting here next to me; but the wonders of technology have helped. (Yes I am old school and still get baffled by computer wizardry). We’ve done it all by video calls, phone calls, facetime and perseverance.

It really has been great fun and an eye opener to see just how much work goes into those design images you see on the screen during your follow up appointments.

Here I am, taking a quick coffee break from work.