Supplying and installing a kitchen during lockdown has been difficult and demanding – not least because we all have families to think about. It is weighing up a customer without a kitchen vs. absolute avoidance of all risk. So we took the carefully considered option to proceed with the installation; after all, we’d removed the old one, prepared the space for electrics and plumbing, and plastered the walls ready for the new kitchen. Our customer, in this case, were very understanding of the situation and put no pressure on us or Eddie, our installer, to fit the new kitchen. They had a utility sink and borrowed our tabletop induction hob (we lend this out to help people through the installation process) and perhaps had enough to get by but we felt uncomfortable leaving them without a kitchen.

So we went ahead with the installation but with the mindfulness to keep ’social distancing’ in place between us all. Fortunately, the customer’s garage led on to the kitchen without the need to go through the front door so we were able to deliver and come and go as required whilst only putting anyone at minimal risk of cross contamination. Electrics were completed on Monday, which was done in isolation to again minimise risk. All-in-all we are pleased we went ahead with the installation and so is our customer.

I’ve included some photos our fitter Eddie took. As you will see we are not quite finished; a couple more doors, the bin and handles to fit. With most our suppliers closed for three weeks or more we can not get any further materials. We had a couple of doors delayed, which would have arrived in plenty of time under normal circumstances, but as we are now we will have to wait. We are very grateful to have such understanding customers 🙏🏻😊
Thanks for reading. This is kind of my first blog but I hope to do more in the future. 😊🙏🏻🤞🏻