That’s all folks!

So it is the end of 2020 for us here at the showroom.  Our doors are now closed to the public until 4th January, giving us all a well deserved break. (Well once we have a few loose ends tied up at least.)

This year has been quite something. The emotional whiplash we have had here, let alone in our personal lives, is something I’m not entirely sure we could have ever dreamt.  With a great start to 2020 we then had fears of how to weather the storm, adapted well to a whole new virtual world, navigated self isolation, stock delays, building delays, more self isolation, positive tests, more rescheduling and the list goes on. It has certainly felt, at times, like a fruitless and thankless year.  However, now that we are reflecting we have so much happiness from this year too.

Our Team 

Our cosy showroom became much cosier this year.  We started the year with 3 of us and close as a team of 6, which also added a little more complication but completely worth it. We now have Dale taking on our removals, waste management, deliveries and generally injecting a bubbly presence.  Liam, designing and helping more of you transform your kitchens with our unique design ethos. Finally, Alex.  She is offering a huge amount of support to our operation with detailed fitting plans, order checking and keeping me and Liam in check. Our trusted trades have stood by us and done their best to keep you safe whilst visiting your homes.  They’ve worked relentlessly, often with extremely long days, multiple return visits and last minute rescheduling when the dread self-isolation or positive tests have happened.  To you, we thank.

Our Clients

You guys have been awesome! This year has to be a record for recommendations and unique projects.  So many of you have trusted our vision and braved to be bold. In a time when we had no idea how we were going to design and sell kitchens you persevered with the fumbling zoom calls and limited showroom appointments which have safely carried us through the last 9 months. Surprisingly, this experience has provided us with a really effective, structured and even more of a comprehensive service.  I did not think I would be saying that! Your patience, understanding and support will not be forgotten.

Our projects 

We have so many projects to showcase from this year.  Not all photographed but I really hope to keep visiting and taking pictures. Where that’s not possible please keep sending your photos in, it really keeps us going.  From our first lockdown kitchen which was a grey, split level shaker, to the bold blue and cashmere handleless kitchen, inframe utilities, odd angles and so much more it has been a very refreshing and creative year.  Many of these have been shared already but we have saved a few for the next few weeks.
It may have felt impossible at times but with such great people, enthusiasm and patience, I for one am so pleased to have achieved the transformations we have this year and can not wait to start again next year.  Well after a good rest anyway.

Finally, we thank you for reading our blogs, sharing our posts and supporting small local businesses.  We hope you have a lovely and safe festive period and look forward to sharing our visions with you once again in 2021. 

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