Common beliefs about using space, costs and timescales that may not be as reliable as you think – Debunking kitchen design myths 🤔

Small spaces are cheaper

Not necessarily. To get the full potential from a small space you need to be more creative and invest in more multifunctional appliances and storage solutions. Combine this with still needing all of the same work completed as a larger space such as electrical upgrades, plastering, relocations of radiators, potential changes to where doors and windows, new flooring etc the full project cost can soon add up. Although your space may be small it does not mean that it can not work better for you and you are not necessarily restricted to the layout you have. By considering moving the entrance a small amount, bricking in the back door you hardly ever use or simply moving your sink from under the window so that you are not so cramped could make all of the difference to how enjoyable the space is to use. Also, smaller spaces mean less space for excess items so investing in technology is a great help. Combining your second oven with your microwave frees up counter space, adding steam to your main oven eradicates the need to store a steamer or slower cooker, a Quooker boiling water tap removes the kettle from the surface and organised, easy access units help maximise the space within.

‘…but does this achieve the magic triangle’

(I swear my head hits the desk every time I hear this). The answer is almost always – yes. When you place 3 items in a room it is incredibly rarely are they all in a single line, and if they were it would not necessarily a bad thing. I mean look at professional kitchens they work down a line. The better question is what kind of workflow does this achieve? Workflow improvement is what you should be ultimately seeking along with zoning. If your items are placed in a conveyor belt fashion then you should be able to work through your kitchen with everything to hand by only taking a few paces at a time. A great example of this is being able to take fresh produce from the fridge to be rinsed and prepared near to the sink and bin – then on to the hob to be cooked where your everyday plates will be near by to serve – then on to the dining area. This system is also very conducive to other household member being able to get drinks and snacks without needing to move anyone out of the way.

‘How long will my project take, 1 or 2 weeks?’ 

I think my faces says everything when I am asked this. No. To carry out quality work with a finish you will love today and in 10 years takes time and skill. As a simple guide most of our projects take in the region of 3 – 8 weeks (subject to world pandemics!). Preparation of your space is key; this usually takes a week but depends on the scale of the project. Fitting of units ready for worktop template (if you are opting for solid worksurface) is usually another week. If you have laminate surface you will need a few more days at least. Then there is flooring, decoration and snagging to be completed too. Our typical projects usually sit somewhere in the middle of this at 4 – 6 weeks. We do provide a full anticipated schedule so that this is clear to you before the start of your project and we are here every step of the way to keep you up to date with any changes that may arise.

‘My builder gets 80% off his trade kitchens, what can you do?’

Firstly, we do not fool ourselves, or subsequently our clients about the value of our kitchens. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive quote that reflects the value of our products and service. Secondly, as an independent business we are able to provide you with a custom design and product of great value in both product and service. Many builders that we have worked with are very pleased with the quality of product and information provided when our supply only option is taken up, not to mention incredibly pleased at the standard of workmanship and attention to detail from our installers too. On top of this you are not only supporting a small, local businesses with us but many others as we work with many other independent furniture makers, stone masons and trades.

Finally, all projects are unique. Although pull on previous designs and feedback your new kitchen deserve time and thought. Your new kitchen is for you, no-one else. Choose us because you deserve this care and detail.

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