International Women’s Day 2021

As we approach international women’s day we wanted to share with you some of the ways in which we support equality and a little bit of work we have been involved in.

We are proud to provide equal opportunities across our company. Starting at the top with joint owners Elizabeth and Matt.  Working together to grow their business has meant growing both our installation and showroom teams.

Over the years we have worked female carpenters, plasterers, plumbers and decorators. All of whom have produced outstanding work.  Today in the showroom both our Project Coordinator, Paula and Operations assistant, Alex are essential members of the team. Both undertaking work traditionally seen as ‘male focused’ roles.  In such a male orientated industry it can be so difficult to succeed but each shine in their roles.

Further afield

Many of our suppliers strive to achieve equality. Larger organisations such as Blum along with Neff & Siemens achieve this. More impressively so do our family run manufacturers.  On a recent (still pre-COVID) visit to Burbidge I was blown away with how many female carpenters, quality checkers and paint sprayers employed.  This was something I had not witnessed in visits to other manufacturers.  This insight to equality, along with appreciating just how much is handmade, has really upped my enthusiasm and has definitely reinforced our support of Burbidge & Sons.

Alongside this I cannot overlook the strength and tenacity of the wonderful Olive at Marpatt. With her husband they started Marpatt back in the 70’s. At a time women were not directors of manufacturing businesses. Her passion and enthusiasm has created an incredible bespoke kitchen & bedroom furniture business that continues to expand and take risks even today.

Elizabeth’s experience, as featured in Designerati Magazine

On the lead up to International Women’s Day 2021 I was asked for an interview on my experiences and inspiration within the sector.  It has been great to have this opportunity and highlight the underrepresentation of women in the sector.

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