We’ve not shouted about it as we normally do due to being in high demand, but we couldn’t let it pass without a mention.

Over the last year we have grown. Massively! We have gone from a team of 6 to a team of 8, added a building team, taken on an apprentice and additional installation team PLUS a second unit bringing with it some very exciting possibilities. I’m sure Matt and I just like discussing sleep rather than getting it! But then, what does any 16 year old know about healthy sleep patterns anyway.

During the madness we have been working through, we asked the team why they enjoy working at Lima. This is how they answered.

1 – Snacks!

Too true. We love our food and using our displays. Although there are downsides to this we all believe that the kitchen (or 7 in the showrooms case) is the hub of the home. Kitchens brought us together and the snacks keep us together.

2 – Friendly and approachable team

(including those trades). We try. We’ve spent a long time finding our trades, even when they’re having a tough old time of it they are still always there for us and our clients. Usually with a bright and friendly demeanour.

3 – Pride in the quality of the products we use,

provide and sell, along with the design element makes us proud to work here.

4 – Positivity and supporting each other.

We try and I know I need this. Our team is so important especially with how much of a rollercoaster our days can be. Knowing what everyone needs and when, and being able to provide it is amazing.

5 – Feeling like a person not just an employee.

Thank you.

6 – Management being extremely approachable and easy to talk to

except when hungry or decaffeinated. Hangry is a real thing people. Time limits on appointments for a reason – no-one needs to

see the Diva and no a snickers won’t fix it 🤣

7  – You are encouraged to take your time to be creative and deliver with confidence.

This is SOOOOO important. Making the best use of space, logical workflows and reflecting personalities is not a pullout of the hat solution. To create the right design takes time – just like a good, slow baked jacket potato.

8 – Back to food. Team lunches.

Yes, a team that eats together stays together. Suppliers, clients, neighbours, installers have all witnessed this.

9 – Not being judged for being yourself.

Now, although this is true for everyone, this particular comment was directed at me (Liz) for grounding and spontaneous burst of exercise. I just find the ground useful to mix up my perspective and regroup, the spontaneous lunges and alike refocus and energise me. So long as it works I simply do not see the issue.

10 – Social events.

Yes, we have a few of these ranging from badminton or squash

through to Halloween parties and larger Christmas parties. Shout out to Paula and Andreya for some epic costumes.

11 – Continually learning and being a part of a growing company.

Yes, we would hate to get bored and bogged down so are always open to trying new things and having a new challenge. Even though it makes everything a million times harder.

12 – Having a say and input on the overall company.

Knowing your ideas and opinions are heard.

13 – Good chats with colleagues

be it work related, personal, educational, hypothetically or just outright odd. Not to mention a little innuendo – Paula your tears of laughter in the showroom are missed. We do pause in the hope to hear them but alas we never do. You’re missing out.

14 – Celebration lunches…

hang on. There seems to be a theme developing. Shoot. I think this means another one 🤔 we will need to get our heads together to decide what will mark our sweet 16th!

15 – From us to our team.

The unwavering support you give us. There are days when I think there must be easier ways to make a living but the reward of pulling together and creating the spaces we do, transforming how people use their homes, interact with each other and knowing they have a space they will love for years makes it all worth it. Without the support, drive and pride from you guys this would be so much harder and we love coming in to work with our team.

16 – Being family.

So no, we are not a family business in the traditional sense of the phrase but we all have our family position in our team. We all have our quirks, strengths, weaknesses, tears, laughs, tiffs and make ups and spend more time with each other than anyone else. The care, pride and bonds that make a family we have them all, and as coined by Dale we are FamiLIMA!

Here’s to another 16 years 🥂 (yes I know we are two years of the legal drink limit)